F.A.S.T Defense
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F.A.S.T. stands for Fear Adrenal Stress Training. It is the latest in the evolution of personal- protection / conflict-resolution self-defense training.

Karate Specials
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You do not have to make any decisions until the Special is over.

Adult Programs
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This isn't your ordinary karate, we teach Self Defense for Street Applications, so that you can protect yourself, your family and others if necessary.

Woman’s Defense
Woman’s Defense

Our Women Self Defense Program will provide you with the training to both mentally and physical empower you to face challenges that may arise.

Activity Hero
Activity Hero
Private Lessons
Private Lessons

We offers a Private Training Program (PTP) for our Kempo Karate Students which are formatted to meet our student’s individual needs by providing a student with more individualized attention.

Trained Before?
Trained Before?

Formerly trained student is given the choice of starting from the beginning or being evaluated against our system by our Professional Instructors to determine a level of skill.

Specializing in the Art of Self Defense for Children and Adults


Hello and Welcome to Crino's Martial Arts

Please let me take a minute to introduce you to the Crino family in the photo above. Starting from the right: My oldest son, Sensei John, My wife Myriam, My daughter Sensei D.J., My youngest son Sensei Sil Jr. and finally Sensei Sil, that's me. Our other team members include Sensei Justin and Sensei Peter.

We are committed to spreading our knowledge of Martial Arts and empowering Empowering All Our Students.

Why should your children train at Crino’s Martial Arts?    Well I could tell you, but I would rather you hear it from our Karate Families instead:

"Crino’s Karate is a great place.  The Sensei’s teach with humor, warmth and expertise.  My children love coming here.  Thank you."       -Karen Rose, Stony Brook

"We really feel as though we are part of the Crino family.  They truly care about all of the kids and play an active part in all areas of their lives – the lessons carry beyond the dojo into both home and school."    -Sharon Soho, Setauket

 “I looked at several different karate schools before choosing Crino’s. The positive energy that comes from the staff is obvious. It’s the kind of atmosphere I was looking for my child.”         -Sophia Gerlach, Lake Grove

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Class Schedule

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2460 Rt 347
Stony Brook, NY
P: 631.675.1660


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Children Programs
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Children Karate Programs.


We teach children how to deal with the various difficult situations that kids have to deal with. In a fun and lively environment,

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Children gain confidence with the new assertive choices they learn to apply in a wide variety of situations.

Scouting Seminars
Scouting  Seminars

We are a registered approved facility with the Suffolk Chapters of the Boy and Girl Scouts.

Home School
Earn Your HomeSchool Physical Education Credit Here

Earn Your HomeSchool Physical Education Credit.

Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties

We pride ourselves in providing the Quality Service that you deserve with the utmost attention to detail.