Adult Program
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Not your ordinary karate, we teach Self Defense for Street Applications which includes Reality Based scenarios.

Woman’s Self Defense
Woman’s Self Defense

Program will train you mentally & physically and Empower you to face any challenge.

Trained Before?
Trained Before?

Our Professional Instructors will evaluate your skill level and provide available options.

Activity Hero
Activity Hero

Specializing in the Art of Self Defense for Children and Adults


Hello and Welcome to Crino's Martial Arts

Please let me take a minute to introduce you to the Crino Family.. Starting from the right: My oldest son, Sensei John, My wife Myriam, My daughter Sensei D.J., My youngest son Sensei Sil Jr. and finally Sensei Sil, that's me.

We are committed to spreading our knowledge of Martial Arts and Empowering All Our Students to be the Very Best they can not only in Martial Arts but their Personal Lives as well.

Why should your children train at Crino’s Martial Arts?    Well I could tell you, but I would rather you hear it from our Karate Families instead:


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2460 Rt 347
Stony Brook, NY
P: 631.675.1660

Children Programs
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Our classes consists of martial arts and life skills to build confidence and self-reliance.

Anti-Bullying / Abduction
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Our Children gain confidence with the new assertive choices they learn to apply in a wide variety of situations.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons

Are Available contact us for additional information.