We are open for business Monday to Sunday.


If you are in area and would like to stop by to see the school, ask questions or just to say "Hello", you are always welcome. 

Monday:                   11:00 AM  to  8:30 PM

Tuesday:                  11:00 AM  to  7:30 PM 

Tuesday:                  11:00 AM  to  7:30 PM – 3VCED – Women's Self Defense – If Scheduled

Wednesday:             11:00 AM  to  8:30 PM

Thursday:                 11:00 AM  to  8:30 PM

Friday:                      11:00 AM  to  7:30 PM  

Friday:                      07:30 AM  to  9:00 PM – Dansan Ryu Jiu Jitsu  See Note: Below

Saturday:                  07:30 AM  to  9:00 AM – Dansan Ryu Jiu Jitsu See Note: Below

Saturday:                  09:00 AM  to  2:00 PM 

Sunday:                    10:00 AM  to  12:00 PM – NEW Program!!! - SUNDAYS ONLY!!! – 

                                  This program is for Children that can only attend 1 Day per week.


Note: Please call to Confirm Jiu Jitsu Class Status. Thanks