We are Family-Owned and Operated Kempo Karate – Jiu Jitsu school.

We believe and encourage family values both in and out of our Karate school. We do our very best to create a family friendly atmosphere for both our students and their parents.

We operate our school the old-fashioned way with an emphasis on true values like honesty, integrity, personal service and customer satisfaction. 

Each student is unique and we treat each of them as individuals.  We want our students to feel a sense of unity and being part of a team during our drills. The connection they feel when they are working together becomes the connecting tissue that true martial artists feel when they have a common goal. 

We empower our students to set goals and to reach those goals with dedication and hard work. These character skills will give them direction and set them on a path of positive mental, physical and emotional growth.  We are committed to the success of our students.

This is why all our belt advancements are earned with focus on thier individuals strengths starting from the very first day of training. We do not believe in social promotions. Our students Must know the required material in order to advance; otherwise the student is given a false sense of confidence and security.

Without the trust and confidence the parents and students have in our ability, we would not be able to do what we do. The parents and students that continue to train with us are the true testimonial that makes our school so successful.  We are very proud of our students and their dedication to their training.  

The strong and positive feedback we receive from our students and their families is and always has been the best compliment and our best endorsement. When someone comes in to inquire about our school and the programs we have to offer, we strongly encourage them to speak to our Student-family members.  We are more than grateful to our martial arts family members, from the students to their families for their compliments.

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