Welcome to Our Dojo

Our school was recently redesigned in July 2016 due to a major flooding accident. The Theme that was chosen was that of our Flag: Red, White and Blue. We believe in American Exceptionalism of Hard Work, Excellent Service and the Never Give Up Attitude, that we can do anything we set our minds to do. We hope you enjoy our new schools layout.  Please Click on the Photos for a larger view

Your View of our school as you walk in:

From Door

Your View of our Open Waiting Area, which includes a small desk for children to do their homework or to study,

   Waiting Area Coat                      

Your View of our Office Area – we're always readily available for questions or to assist you anyway we can.

 Waiting Area desk

Your View of the DOJO Floor from the waiting area.


The training area is fully mirrored so that our students can watch themselves as they learn and perform their Martial Arts Sckills.


Your View of our back wall with our 10 Foot American Flag, our Thin Blue Line Flag Showing Respect and Support for Our Law Enforcement and our Hawaiian Flag for Our Martial Arts Heritage.  .

Flag Wall

Your View from the back of our school to the front.

back to Front