Adult Kempo Karate /
Jiu Jitsu Self-Defense

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Crino's Martial Arts isn't your ordinary Martial Arts school, what we teach is Self Defense for Street Applications, so that you can protect yourself, your family and others if necessary. 

***  In Self Defense There's Only One Rule: There Are No Rules!!! ***

The benefits of our adult workouts go beyond basic health club programs.  It will jump-start your metabolism, if you are trying to lose weight. Most adults notice improvements in weight reduction as well as improved toning and strengthening of muscles as well as increased energy, stamina and fitness level which in turn will contribute to a longer and happier life and a true sense of well-being.  

Rich Dixon Tournament
Click on the photo – this is one of our students that had been training for approximately 5 months.


The stress relieving benefits of our come from learning to defend yourself if you should have to.  Knowing that you are prepared to handle a possible dangerous situation gives you a sense of security and confidence a regular exercise program cannot.  It is the bonus of martial arts training. 

Our instructors work hard to give the students every possible scenario that may be encountered in real life in class instruction, under safe learning conditions.  The classes will cover a broad range of self defense tactics.  Our curriculum covers Traditional Forms, Defense Maneuvers, Weapons Training, Sparring, Pressure Points, Joint Locks and Release Techniques for immediate response.    

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Our aim as professional martial arts instructors is to make our training a life enhancing experience that will promote only positive changes in an individual’s future.  We watch the progress of our students closely and make training time as productive as possible.  Crino's Professional Martial Arts Instructors provide our  students with the highest quality instruction and we are confident that you will enjoy being one of our students.

Be prepared for a life transforming experience and empowerment!! 

Master the System and You Master Yourself.

Multi-Family Member(s) Discounts are Available.