Anti-Bullying & Stop Abduction Training

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Teach your child to safely stand up to bullies without violence

If you are like most parents, you're looking for help with preventing bullying of your child and, if it's occurring, stopping it. We have our Anti-Bully Program to empower children to bully-proof themselves.


We're dedicated to helping families  deal with bullying in all its forms. Our goal is to help your child overcome bullies by instilling them with confidence. We teach defensive techniques and how to defuse confrontations.

This "real world" Anti-Bully Self-Defense program gives your child the skills and confidence to react quickly and smartly to protect themselves in the real world.

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Consider the importance of your children's safety and knowledge of important safety skills.

One of the scariest things for parents is the possibility of a non-family abduction. Between 3,000 and 5,000 happen every year, according to police reports. These are just the abductions that get reported to the police!


What's more important then our children? Nothing! Our children are the most important things in our lives!

With unsafe streets seemingly everywhere these days, it can be very difficult for parents to be absolutely sure that their children are 100 percent safe. Is it enough to teach your children about stranger danger and to avoid talking to anyone they don't know? Staying away from strangers is difficult when perpetrators are someone the child already knows. Instead of teaching kids to look out for certain people who might abduct them, we teach them how to recognize sketchy behaviors, build their confidence, and give them the tools they need to respond to dangerous situations.

How much does your child know about staying safe and preventing abduction? As kid safe experts, we are experienced safety teachers.

Our program will teach your child how to avoid the terror of abduction. Our instructors provide this service because we believe in community safety.