Children Kempo Karate /
Jiu Jitsu / Self Defense Program

World Champion Karate Champion, Movie  & Television Actor,  Founder and Grandmaster of Chun Kuk Do, 8th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do,  Black Belt in Tang So Do, BJJ,  World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Selected as Fighter of the Year by Black Belt Magazine, Professional Middleweight Karate Champion

Crino’s Martial Arts is an educational institution. Our mission is to encourage and guide our students to become the Best They Can Be while helping them reach their goal they set and eventually become Black Belts. We are not a Social Promotion / Advancement / Participation Trophy school. Our students must meet our documented standards to the best of their abilities for advancement. We are very passionate about what we teach because we know exactly how life-transforming Martial Arts can be for the student. We are committed to helping your child reach his or her optimum potential in all aspects of life.  Our classes are fun and fast-paced; our curriculum can be difficult at times for our Students Benefit.

We hope our students and parents will be as committed to us as we are to them. 

All our children program focus on two major areas of development:

The Physical:

The Physical part of our program covers not only the basic of Karate – stances, kicks, punches and blocking patterns, but also physical awareness, improved reflex and reaction time. Our program will improve your child’s physical health as well as increase his/her focus and concentration skills.  Occasionally, some children are described as having “a limited attention span”. As our world changes and there is an increase of influences – TV, video games, etc., it has become more difficult to keep children focused on any one specific goal. Kempo Karate Jiu-Jitsu training can be an invaluable tool in setting goals

Children usually respond to visual stimulus first, then auditory, then react in a physical manner.  One of the first lessons our instructor teach their students is how to focus their eyes, then their mind, then their body.  We know that repetition and practice helps our  students sharpen their focus and eventually the mind and body react as one.

The Mental (Character Development)

Although building physically strong and competent bodies is a desired result of training in the martial arts it is not the only benefit. Martial Arts is about developing the mind, body and spirit.  Mental alertness and social responsibility are just as important. Building self-less values is an integral part of martial arts training. A personal code of conduct is necessary to control our use of force and power thus preserving our honor and integrity. Learning compassion and reflecting upon our attitude and behavior in order to seek a more defined sense of “right versus wrong” is a great part of reaching martial arts excellence. 


Martial Arts is an invaluable tool for molding Kind, Polite, Respectful, and Responsible Individuals. Loyalty, Courage, Dignity and Benevolence are the fiber of a Practitioner’s Character.  By studying these virtues and cultivating ones skills a student learns to control his Mind, Body, and nurture his/her Spirit.  A student seeks to become a master over himself through will, patience and diligence. The ultimate goal of the student is to reach a higher level of spiritual awareness that will strengthen and guide him/her throughout life.

Crino’s Martial Arts Instructors are always in training. They are thorough yet understanding, and are able to reach out to children who are hindered by shyness or have low self-esteem. Our Black Belt Instructors’ goal is to educate our students in all areas of the system to the best of their ability and thereby giving them the knowledge as a gift that will keep on giving back throughout the students’ lives.

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