Frequently Asked Questions

What should my Child or I wear for the first karate class?

Sweat pants, shorts, t-shirt, whatever is comfortable. They can wear socks or they can go without socks – their choice.

If I have two or more children/students is there a discount?

Yes. We have Family Discounts for all Members of the Family.

Are there Registration Fees?

There are No Registration Fees for students. Registration fees are generally used to cover the expense of a: Free Custom Uniform, Free T-Shirt, Free DVD or Free Student Curriculum Booklet. We have also seen Registration Fees used as a bargaining chip to have you sign up, we feel this is dishonest and do not believe in this philosophy.

How often should my child attend karate?

We would like all our students to attend a minimum of 2 classes per week. We have an Unlimited Classes Per Month Policy for all our age groups and Belt Rank. We provide unlimited classes because there will be times during the course of the year that we will be Closed for: Vacation, Holidays and Emergencies   

You are not locked into any specific days. You can choose which ever days fit your schedule the best.

Juniors, Pre-Teens & Adults Ages 4 & Up – have 4 scheduled classes per week.

Junior Black Belts have 3 scheduled classes per week, however they can also attend the Green Belt and Up classes which are scheduled 4 times per week.

Are parents required to stay in the school while their child attends class?

Parent's are not required to remain at our school (Dojo), however the majority of our parents do stay to watch their children. Some parents do step out to pick up another sibling, place a food order, make a run to Duane Reade (or other vendor) for a purchase or quick stop at Starbucks for a cop of coffee.

However siblings may not be left alone in the waiting away without adult supervision.

Is Wifi Available?

Yes, in order to better serve our parents and students we provide Free WiFi and we're also an Optimum WiFi Hot Spot.    This way family members can surf the web and also catch up with their emails. Many of our families bring and do their work at the school  while their child trains. 

What if I sign up and then go on vacation?

We have an Unlimited Classes Per Month Policy. The unlimited class policy provides numerous class times throughout the year to compensate our students due to: Vacation (2 weeks or less) and Emergencies.

We Do Not Have a Freeze or Hold Policy for our membership, however if a specific situation were to arise, please bring it to our attention and we will gladly work with you.  

Will karate make my child violent?

To Quote Dr. Belisa Vranich renowned Clinical Psychologist, Author and Certified Fitness Expert for Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute.   “Kid’s Martial Arts classes teach quite the opposite – control, discipline and respect. I have found that children who take classes in judo, karate or capoeira pay better attention and are more focused. Unlike those who watch fighting on TV or videos, they have a realistic idea of what is takes to train and compete. Enroll your daughters while you’re at it; they need it sometimes even more, for different reasons!”    Read Dr. Belisa Vranich Article HERE in the New York Daily News

 My child can only come once a week. Is there a karate membership for that?

Yes, In the Spring of 2017,  we implemented a New Program for Children that can only attend class once per week. This class is specifically held on Sunday's.and it meets the minimum of 2 classes per week requirements. 

If the above Program does not work for the student we will gladly work with you the best we can to make it possible to attend classes.

Martial Arts / Karate is a commitment, however No child or adult should be deprived of the benefits of the martial arts, if they can only come once a week. 

When does a new karate program begin?

Your membership begins when the student starts. Each student is an individual and will progress at his/her own pace. Classes are scheduled with students with the same basic knowledge and belt rank. 

Does my child have to spar?

Sparring begins when the student reaches the rank of Orange Belt.  Your child will be fitted with Full Body Protection (Head, Face, Chest, Hands and Feet to keep them safe) and they begin to learn how to use the required techniques for sparring. They normally begin sparring against a Sensei to make them feel confortable..  Sparring is not required for belt advancement until they reach Green Belt then from that point forward they will always spare.. 

If I cannot make it to the appropriate belt class can I attend any other class?

If you cannot attend your regular class you are allowed to attend a class which has lower belt ranks. If attending a lower belt class you will be working on techniques you already know, which is great for review. 


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