College Bound Self-Defense Course


Is your Daughter going away to College in Late August or September?

Is she a little nervous about being away from home? 

Can she defend herself if she had to?

These Statistics are provided by the RAINN Organization.

You and your child should be aware of these statistics on Campus Sexual Violence and

Victims Sexual Violence : 



 Do These Statistics Frighten You?  They Should!

Women who fight back cut their odds of being raped by about half.

Don't Be a Victim!    Learn How to Fight Back!    Start Preparing Now! 


  •  Learn how to defend yourself with simple and effective techniques.

  •  Learn the most effective body parts to strike.

  •  Learn how to use everyday items you carry as weapons.

  •  Learn the Best way to Call for Help!!

  •  Learn to Trust your Sixth Sense

  •  Learn to recognize dangerous situations

  •  Learn to become empowered by building your confidence, increasing your strength & fitness

True Story:  Our daughter started training in Martial Arts at the age of 4, she is currently a Second Degree Black Belt in both Kempo Jiu Jitsu and Kempo Jutsu. 

When our daughter was away at college, she almost never left the buildings the safest way out; it was always the quickest and not the safest way out.  One night after finishing her workout at college gym around 11 PM she headed back to her dorm.


The safest way would have been taking 14th Street with bright lights, but No she takes the closest way 13th Street that has almost no lights. 


          Well on her way to dorm she sees someone is following her. What does she do? She confronts him, not once,

          not twice but 3 times. The first two times, she turned, looked right at him and in an assertive voice said,

          "Can I help you?!?!"  He stopped in his tracks and backed off each time.  As she reached the corner, she

          sensed he was still around somewhere, so she looked around, there he was across the street watching her. 

          What does she do?   


          She goes and challenges him, "OK, I'm here what do you want??  Come on!"  the guy looked at her and took off. 

As parents we know she can take care of herself if she had to because, we have done everything we could to prepare her for the sick world out there.


Parents start preparing your daughter as soon as you can.  The sooner she starts to learn, the more she’ll retain, if and when ever needed. There is much more to Self-Defense then just learning techniques. She also Needs to learn, how to deal with FEAR and not crumble up into a fetal position if she.  I'm very sorry to say, There is no Magic Pill or Magic Program to make her unstoppable overnight, no matter what anyone says.  She needs to put in the time, so that it's there if she ever needs it.


**  During any Assault there is ONLY 1 Rule!! There Are No Rules  **