Law Enforcement Self-Defense


When was the last time you received Departmental Training in Self Defense?? 

Was the training you received enough??   

Was the training you received 1 size fit's all??   

Do you feel Confident the training you received would work on the street??

We have had the privilege of training officers from NYPD, NCPD and SCPD and the above questions are always their concerns.   If you have the same concerns come see what we have to offer.

Our LEO Program has No: Karate Uniform, Belts, Degrees or Testing for advancement. Our only clothing requirement is that you wear martial arts pants and our school T-shirt which you can order from us.

At Crino's Martial Arts, we do not have a program per say, what we have is the knowledge and skills for each of you: tall, short, slim, heavy, male or female. 

Our program revolves around the following:


Most Important: What each of you brings to the table, your input and street experiences. What we develop here jointly will not only help you, but also your Brothers and Sisters.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition – over and over until you develop muscle memory and stop thinking, it has to just happen.

Simple and effective techniques.

Getting you to control your Fear, Yes, I said control, Not Eliminate, Fear is good for you, it's your friend. 
Your dedication to come to class and work hard, when you can.

Your dedication to take notes, ask questions and to video your customized technique to refer back to as a reference point. 
We customize our techniques because they all don't work the same for everyone.

This is one our techniques to bring a subject to the ground and control him so that he can be cuffed. This lesson was done in slow motion during our first cuffing take down session. As both officers continue practicing it has become second nature.

**  During any Assault there is ONLY 1 Rule!! There Are No Rules  **