We Do Awesome Karate Birthday Parties,

Reserve Your Sons or Daughters Special Day Here, with us!!

Martial Arts Experience is Not Required

What better way to Celebrate your Child's' Birthday than in a Family Atmosphere which is exactly what we have at: Crino’s Martial Arts!  

We pride ourselves in providing the Quality Service that you deserve with the utmost attention to detail. 

Your Son or Daughter will be the Star of the Show and all of his/her friends and family members will have an Awesome TimeOur Birthday Parties are FUN and EXCITING; We try our very best to make sure that no one is ever left out of the festivities. 

The children will learn some basic karate skills in the Basic Black Belt and Grand Master Parties, followed by a mat chat to discuss what they just learned and that they should not be used against others. Then we will play several games and with small prizes going to all the winners. 

After the games, everyone will be directed into the waiting area to sit with the Star of the Show. Once everyone is seated, the children will be served something to eat and drink. Once everyone has finished eating, the cake is brought out and everyone sings Happy Birthday and the candles are blown out, cake is cut and served. 

At Crino’s Martial Arts, we have 3 Birthday Party Packages to choose from the:  Basic Karate Birthday Party,  Grand Master Birthday Party and Nerf-It Birthday Party – additional information is down below

Each Birthday Package Includes 

  •   Up to 15 Children, each additonal Child is $15.00. Note: Max of ONLY 20 Childrens for Nerf-It
  •   Invitations
  •   Karate Headbands
  •   Decorations & Balloons
  •   Games and karate Lessons.
  •   Prizes for Game Winners.






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Basic Karate Birthday Party

Grand Master Birthday Party

Nerf-It Birthday Party


 All You Need To Do Is Just Show Up, Sit Back,

Put Your Feet Up and We’ll do the Rest!!

This Party is 2 Hours Long:  1.5  Hours of Play Time, 30 Minutes for Food & Cake

These 2  Parties are 2.5 Hours Long:  2 Hours of Play Time, 30 Minutes for Food & Cake

First Cut of Birthday Cake or Cup Cake is made by Birthday Boy or Girl using a

Samurai Sword!!

 Each Guest Receives 2 Weeks  of Karate as a Gift from the  Birthday  Boy or Girl

 Each Guest Receives 4 Weeks of  Karate as a Gift from the Birthday  Boy or Girl

 Each Guest Receives 6 Weeks  of Karate as a Gift from the  Birthday Boy or Girl


We will Provide:

  • Table Cloths
  • Plates, Cups, Utensils, Napkins, etc..
  • 2 cases of 10 containers of a Healthy Juice drink.
  • 2 Pizza Large Pie’s – cut into 16 Slices  each

 Note: We can order, Additional Large Pies and Soda for your Adult Guest and just add it to the final payment.


 Other Food Options

  • Burger King Burgers, Cheese Burgers, Chicken Fingers and Fries instead of Pizza for an additional change
  • Mister Softie Ice Cream (in season) for all the guests and a Personal Ice Cream Cake for the birthday child for an additional charge

Birthday Boy or Girl Receives a Custom Crino’s Martial Arts T-Shirt

Basic Karate Birthday Parties

Grand Master Birthday Parties

Nerf-It Birthday Parties

  Cost:  $225.00

  Cost: $375.00

  Cost: $425.00

Parents Receive a Coupon for $25.00 Off Next Birthday Party

Gratuities Not Included and are Always Appreciated






If you require additional information or would like to schedule

your Childs Birthday Party.  Please call us at: 631-675-1660