Real Estate Agent Self-Defense

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Some useful tips that along with are training could save your life.


When you set the appointment on the phone, make it clear, “My partner and I will meet you there…” This statement plants the seed that there will be more than one person present. 

Arrive on site early to:

Open the windows.
Unlock all of the exit doors.

Wait in your car with the doors locked. The danger here is that your car confines you into a small space, but in some cases the weather dictates you take shelter. Waiting in the car is still much safer than waiting in the property.

Send a text to alert your office where you are and all of the info you have.

Keep your head up and aware of your surroundings.


The key to making this work is to use it consistently. Studies show that it takes 21 – 30 days to develop a new habit. Our program can help you develop these habits and more.

**  During any Assault there is ONLY 1 Rule!! There Are No Rules  **