William K.S. Chow

Professor William K.S. Chow          7/3/14-9/21/87


Professor William K.S. Chow known as the Father of Modern Kempo.

Prof. Chow was instrumental in spread the martial arts in United States, specifically in the family styles refereed as Kempo/Kempo.  Prof. Chow training began with Chuan Fa – Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. He also learned Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and Karate. He was well known for his powerful destructive strikes, breaks and speed. He eventually learned Kempo Jiu Jutsu aka Kosho Ryu Kenpo under James Mitose and received his Black Belt from Mitose.


Later on Chow began teaching Kenpo Karate later renamed it to Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate. 


Adriano Emperado a student and one of the Founders of Kajukenbo. 

Ed Parker a students and Founder of American Kenpo, known as the “Father of American Kenpo”.

Sonny Gascon & Walter Godin students and Founders of Karazempo

Nick Cerio a student and Founder of Cerio Kempo Karate

Fred Villari a students and Founder of Shaolin Kempo