Women Self-Defense


Learn Women's Self Defense in the Privacy of your own home.


You Do Not Have to Be a Victim!!  Take Steps Now To Empower Yourself

So that You Are Prepared to Prevent Something From Occurring.

Susan B. Anthony wrote:  “A woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself."

A word of advice from one parent to another if you are searching for Women's Self-Defense for your: Spouse, Daughters or Niece, start preparing her as soon as you can. The sooner she starts, the more she’ll retain and better she'll be able to protect herself.

There are No Magic Pills or Magic Programs to make you unstoppable overnight. Time and Practice is Needed and if anyone tells you otherwise run far away as fast as you can.

Our goal is to provide you with the required skills that will keep you safe.  You are not bound by a membership only the desire to make yourself a stronger and more confident individual capable of taking on a difficult confrontation with intent and resolve. 

 8 Hour Women's Self-Defense Program.

 This 8 hour program will help you develop your Self-Defense Skills and your Self-Defense Muscle Memory. Learn to react

 to various situation scenarios. Learn to deal with FEAR and ANXIETY that causes your body to shutdown during an assault.

 Basic strength and fitness excises.

We understand our Programs requires a commitment, But Isn't Your Safety Worth It?  We Think It Is!!!

A Study Taken in 2015 found that, women who trained in self-defense are far less likely to be sexually assaulted:





These Are Statistics provided by the RAINN Organization which you should be aware of:

 Overall Statistics:              https://www.rainn.org/statistics

 Campus Sexual Violence:  https://www.rainn.org/statistics/campus-sexual-violence

 Victims Sexual Violence :  https://www.rainn.org/statistics/victims-sexual-violence  


 Do These Statistics Frighten You?  They Should!

In Our Program You Will: 

  •  To become empowered by building your confidence, increasing your

       strength & fitness

  •  To defend yourself with simple and effective techniques.

  •  To strike the most effective parts of the body.

  •  To use everyday items as weapons.

  •  The Best way to Call for Help!!   

  •  How to prevent you from being given a Drug that will get you Raped!

  •  What to do if you're being followed.

  •  To Trust your Sixth Sense / Intuition

  •  To recognize dangerous situations and locations


**  During any Assault there is ONLY 1 Rule!! There Are No Rules  **